Visitor Registration is finished.

Dear visitors:

According to the higher authorities on epidemic prevention and control requirements during the exhibition, all visitors should make online registration with real information (basic information, passport number, email address, mobile number, contact address, etc.) and follow health safety checks (take temperature, track 14 days trip, check Shanghai QR Code , etc.). Please confirm blow items:

1. I have no fever, cough, tiredness and other symptoms in line with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

2. I have not been in contact with infected patients or suspected patients, not been to high- and medium-risk areas, no contact has been made with personnel in high- and medium-risk areas.

3. I will cooperate with the entrance staff temperature testing work, show the Shanghai QR Code code, wear a mask and keep safe distance from others.

4. I have read and confirm above items, no hidden, falsely reported, misrepresented identity information, or I will bear the responsibility for all the consequences caused.